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How Lindsay Dunlap Uses Creative Marketing To Sell Homes



Lindsay Dunlap has been with The Neighborhood Connection since the beginning and is in the San Diego luxury market. She’s a busy mom with two daughters and is tapped into many charitable organizations.

Lindsay recently switched real estate companies to Compass and she feels like they treat every agent as their only agent and favorite agent. Compass supports its agents and has a great support system with a management support system in every office.
Last year was Lindsay’s busiest year with almost $60 million dollars in sales and she’s never had so much quality time with her family. The work-life balance has really spoken true to who Compass is for Lindsay and the support they have given.
Lindsay’s goal in the next year is to really utilize Compass to streamline her business because the support is huge. There’s a huge team in digital advertising and marketing that Lindsay is just really tapping into and she is excited to grow even more this year.
The market in San Diego has been interesting this past year. In one instance, there are some agents saying there has been a lull in the market and it has been slow, which can be true for some properties. In other instances though, some agents have extraordinary and interesting properties that are selling right away.
The $6 – $7 million dollar homes typically move more slowly, and pricing is really important in this instance while being creative with the marketing.
Lindsay was able to use her magazine creatively by putting a picture of the front of the house on the front page of the magazine. On the back of the magazine, she has the backdoor overlooking the beautiful ocean. Lindsay knows how to implement the magazine in her business and use creative ideas to make the magazine more compelling to her audience.
Not only is Lindsay continuing to build her business this year, but she also focuses heavily on other organizations to help her community. Lindsay Dunlap and Annette Schultz just joined the SDAR (San Diego Association of Realtors)pitch session for Del Mar, Solano Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, and Carmel Valley. SDAR is ran by agents for agents.
Anybody can join SDAR to get business and collaborate with other agents. Lindsay would love to work with anybody that has passion and is hungry to put deals together. Anyone and everyone is welcome.
After the pitch session at SDAR, which is about an hour, they have a Realtor round table about who has ‘coming soons’, who has ‘open houses’ and who is having a problem, so they can all work together to get business. 

 Lindsay is excited for the Night to Shine sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation. Special needs kids and adults have always been a passion of Lindsay’s. She hosts a prom every year which is a ton of fun! It’s a night to remember for everyone that attends.
When Lindsay was on her 3rd month with The Neighborhood Connection she was curious if people were actually reading her magazine and if they were really looking inside, so she did a little trial run. She partnered up with The Del Mar Historical Society to help promote their efforts. The Del Mar Historical Society came out with a book Discovering Del Mar’s Past. This cost her about $10 a book.
In the back of the magazine Lindsay said “I would like to help support the Del Mar Historical Society and if you would like a free copy of one of their books of Discovering Del Mar’s Past, simply give me a call or shoot me an email and I’d be happy to deliver one to your door.”
As soon as the magazine reached homes, Lindsay received about six phone calls from people asking for a copy and thanking her for supporting their community; and provided their contact info to receive their copy of their copy of the magazine.
Lindsay quickly discovered that not only was the magazine useful for getting recognized as a top seller, but also, the content was very useful for the readers.
“In order to sell homes in this market, it’s all about being creative with the marketing. Doing email campaigns, having word-of-mouth and using The Neighborhood Connection are all great tools for business.

Being able to feature a high end listing on the cover of the magazine and mail it to 4,500 homes – that’s where it’s at. Just making sure we hit every target possible, so we know that it’s only the price getting in the way of selling the home.”

– Lindsay Dunlap

Key Takeaways

  • See how Lindsay has grown her business, so she gets more quality time with her family and yet had her busiest year in 2018 with $60 million dollars in sales.
  • Lindsay is turning more towards creative marketing to move homes quickly since the market is changing.
  • Lindsay is utilizing SDAR (San Diego Association of Realtors) to grow her business and other agents in the community.
  • When Lindsay was three months in with The Neighborhood Connection she was curious if people were actually reading her magazine, so she ran a trial campaign.
  • Helping out with The Night to Shine event sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation.

    If anyone has any questions for Lindsay you can reach out to Lindsay at or call (760) 533-2326!

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