How TNC Wired Can Increase Your ROI 23% – 46%

Erica has been in the digital marketing field for 9 years and 16 with direct mail marketing. She helped propel TNC when she brought in the “digital component” that agents were looking for to enhance the overall results.She understands that people need to see the agent’s contact information, brand, and slogan 8 – 12 times before the agent gets contacted. That’s what TNC Wired brings to the table. The additional exposure is what the agent really needs to get the best results.

TNC Wired helps by using Google, Google Ads and social media for the agent’s magazine in their specific farm. Prior to the magazine going out for mail, TNC WIRED is identifying the social media accounts of those people in their mailing list.
They are targeted with ads in their newsfeed, which builds up the familiarity with the magazine. By the time the lead gets the magazine, they are naturally drawn into it due to this strategy.
By the time the person is ready to list or buy a home, they will remember the agent because that’s the agent that “stays” in front of them constantly. The added impressions and exposure through Google and social media help to keep the agent top of mind.
Another thing Erica does with Google and through social media (which is important for the “farming” area) is they target people who are searching for listings or buying a home within the geographical location that TNC is mailing the magazine.
tnc wired

Erica and TNC Wired want agents to see results and be able to track them in real time. Thus, every one of TNC’s agents has a custom dashboard where they can see how many times ads are being shown on Google and to how many people.

They can also see how many times ads are shown to the people in their mailing list via social media, how many people they are following on social media, who came to their website, and how many times those ads are shown to them. It also shows certain demographics like age and if they are male or female.
All these can help you see how your marketing works for you and the traction it creates with each magazine that goes out. “It’s all transparent analytics that we’re bringing to the table”.

Another thing agents can see in the dashboard is the attribution of the direct mail called Lead Match. It not only tells agents how many people came to their website, but it can also who visited and if they came because of the magazine.
When people go to an agent’s website by chance, that’s called organic traffic. They are people who were just searching and not on the mailing list and didn’t get a magazine. The system matches their postal addresses and is then added to the mailing list for the next issue of the magazine.

Erica has helped TNC Wired create fluidity with agents marketing to make their marketing dollar go further. If they see that an agent has a solid and strong digital strategy, they let them proceed with that.

She and her team only extract a small piece of it to specifically connect it to the magazine. We make sure that your marketing dollar goes into the magazine and expands it to the highest potential to ensure that you get the highest return on your investment.

“If you are spending too much money on digital marketing and don’t know how it’s working for you, maybe give it a pause and try out The Neighborhood Connection and TNC Wired and see what it does for you. We have seen a 23%-46 % lift on a lot of these campaigns just by adding TNC wired. And that’s incredible!”

– Erica

Key Takeaways

  • Erica is a specialist for The Neighborhood Connection’s TNC Wired service, a team that does digital marketing for your branded real estate magazine.
  • TNC Wired brings your campaign online to your potential home buyers and sellers by using Google, Google Ads, and social media.
  • Agents can see their marketing results through the use of a real-time dashboard customized for your analytical needs.
  • TNC Wired can give your magazine campaign a 23% – 46% lift on ROI.
  • It takes 8 – 12 times for prospects to see you before you are contacted. TNC Wired helps to keep you top of mind.

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