What To Do In A Low Inventory Market To Get Listings

I know that the market is down. I know that listings are down. Agents are asking us, “What do we do with our pages inside the magazine if we don’t have a listing?”

It’ll take a little bit of love and effort, but it is time to reach out to the community. This is the time to build credibility, trust with your demographic, and those who are receiving your magazine.

Find a charity, a local high school, or find some teams. Find something that the consumer would love to know about happening in their area.

What’s going on in that empty lot? Who’s building over there? What’s the new store that’s going in over there? What’s happening with the school district? 

This is your opportunity to be the “Voice”. You’re not selling but instead providing. You’re the authoritative expert. 

Now you have some pages, and we ultimately want to get invited to the listed appointment. This is your opportunity to be “one on one” with your farm and with the consumer. Offer some sort of value to a business owner, a charity, or a local organization.

Reach out to the chamber of commerce. Let them know that you have a magazine going out all over the neighborhood.

Lock yourself into a partnership. Build your relationship with people that you’ve always wanted to build up. 

You’ve got a beautiful marketing tool. Use it and let us help you. Talk to people. Be trusted.

Be the authoritative expert and use your pages. Once you start getting more listings with those people, have a good time. 

Call me or your account manager. We’ll help you through this. I know it’s a tough time, but this is the opportunity for you to gain trust and get more business down the road. Take care and thanks for listening.

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